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I help Personal Brands & Influencers get more leads with effective and engaging content. If you’re someone who wants to make an impact.                I’d love to help you make your Brand Visible.

Heena Sheikh


Ultimate Brand Graphics Bundle

Grab the 100+ Ultimate Canva Templates Bundle and Transform your Content Graphics. The templates are 100% Customizable and you get a Video Tutorial on How to use Templates.


Level Up with Content

6-week Intensive 1:1 Coaching Program. This program is for you if you want to learn how to create engaging content in canva from A to Z and Content startegy that works for you.


Outsource your Content Designs

No time to design content or want social media content design that works effectively for you? Hand us over. We will custom create content for your brand and you can
focus on your business.

Free Canva Treasure by Heena Sheikh


5 Canva Templates & 50 Elements Keywords

Rock your content with the best 50 free elements curated for you and get started with the 5 fully customizable Canva templates.